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Questions and Answers PVC Enviro Flooring

Do you supply and lay or just supply?

We provide both services.

Is it easy to lay?

Very. Goof proof! If you can fit lego you can fit this.

Is it hard wearing?

This is probably the longest lasting flooring you can lay with a life span 15 years +

Is it suitable for heavy industry?

We have fitted this flooring in hospitals, factories, warehouses and area subject to very heavy use.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can even also arrange inspection of floors laid by us if required.

What tools do I need?

Just a Stanley knife and a mallet.

Can I use in my car garage?


Is there a choice of colours?

We can supply, make any colour you require.

Where do you deliver to?


Is it damp proof?

Yes it works as a damp proof membrane.

Can you advise us?

We will gladly help you feel free to phone or email on any question you might have.

What preparation is needed before I lay this floor?

Just have the floor clean

How long before I can walk on a finished floor?

Immediately, no down time

What chemicals is this floor resistant to?

You can find a complete list on our website. PVC is probably the most chemical resistant flooring you can buy.

Does this flooring absorb sound?

It is the best industrial sound

Are these tiles environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is a green product and 100% recycable

Are these tiles flammable?

They are fire retardant

Are these tiles slippy?

No. these floor gives good slip resistance. See our site for Specification sheets

Can I drop heavy objects on this floor?

These tiles have excellent impact and abrasion resistance

If a tile is damaged is it easy to replace?

Yes, you can take out and replace easily

Are there different styles?

We offer a range of different styles, textured, raised disc, chequer plate and decorative.

What colours are available?

We offer light, medium, dark grey, black, blue, red, green and yellow most popular, if over 100m we can make any colour you choose.

How long before you get delivery from order?

Most standard colours in stock, if not allow 5-10 days

Can you see floor joints?

No. our joints are dovetail

Can I get and ESD or anti static version?

Year we make to order

Is there any other advantage to using these tiles?

Yes, if you move you can take the floor with you

Are the expensive?

In comparision to floor coating no, a 5mm/7mm floor coating would be be expensive and would not give you the impact of brake resistance.