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Questions and Answers for Tennis Courts

What is the best way to kill moss or algae?

The most effective and long lasting is Jeyes Fluid, Spray with an knapsack on a dry day. leave for 1-2 days for best results. (Please ensure you adhere to health and safety recommended by manufacturer of this product)

Can I powerwash my tennis court?

It is best to brush off court with a stiff brush and then hose off as power washing can damage the surface

Do you provide free quotation?


Can I have by Tennis court lines only recoated?

Yes, and the cost is 550/650 depending on distance

Can I buy tennis court coating or line marking pairs from you?

Yes. We can supply you with the coating needed, masking tape, roller, pole, sleeves, paint bucket, all you need for just 120 including VAT and delivery.

Is it easy to do?

Yes, it is easy to use single pack product, no mixing, fast drying

Do you provide a nationwide service?


How long does it take to have a tennis court recoated in any two colours?

One/two days.

Do you work overseas?

Yes we have worked in France, Belgium and Holland.

Could we recoat the colours on our tennis court?

The answer is yes however, we would advise you to have contractor do this. However, we can supply the coating and advice if you wish to do this.

Do you supply?


How much would I need?

You will need 5 x 20l drums for the inner court and if you wish to coat the outer court you will need another 5 x 20l drums

How much will it cost if you do it?

We will recoat your tennis court in any two colous and reline for 2,800.

How much will it cost if I buy the coating?

Inner court 5 x 20l drums any colour 600. Outer court 5 x 20l drums any colour 600 Line marking all you need 120 inc delivery.

Do you supply anything to repair holes/cracks to my court?

Yes, we can supply you with repair products, just email us a photo for recommendations.

Are tennis court coating supply when wet?

No our coating have anti slip properties.

Do you give advice free?

Yes we are always happy to help. Feel free to call us any time.